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(I am taking the bus. It reaches a stop and a young man comes in with sagging pants half way down his ass.)

Driver: Hello sir.

Man: Hello. Thanks for waiting, I almost missed the bus.

Driver: Your welcome.

(The bus is crowded so the man ends up standing. By the end of this short conversation, the man’s pants are now around his thighs.)

Computer: [first stop]

(The man’s pants are around his knees. Everyone is stairing but he doesn’t notice.)

Computer: [fourth stop]

(The man’s pants are below his knees and I can hear people whispering.)

Computer: [man’s stop].

(The man’s pants are now around his ankles.)

Driver: Have a good day.

Man: Thanks, you too.

(The man gets off the bus, walks about a meter and FINALLY realizes his pants fell down and pulls them up. When the man walks out of sight and the bus leaves the stop, everyone bursts into laughter.)

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