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, | Unfiltered | March 9, 2020

(I overheard this conversation in a bookstore in Indonesia).

Cashier: This book costs 30,100 rupiahs (around US$2.5. Please note that Rp 100 coin is quite rare and useless and people usually do not like coins as change).
Customer: Umm, can I have it for 30,000 only?
Cashier: Pardon me, sir, but you cannot bargain the price here. It still costs Rp 30,100.
Customer: You can take a look at my wallet, I have a Rp 50,000 note, just hand me a Rp 20,000 note for the change it would be much more simpler than 19,900 which includes several banknotes and coins.
Cashier: I am so sorry sir, we could not do that unless you have a 100 rupiah coin with you.
Customer: But I don’t have one and I don’t want my change to be full of coins.

(and this conversation kept going on for god knows how long. I have no idea what happened next)