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(I work in a store that posts their weekly coupons on their website. Our prices tend to run a bit high, even for our good quality. Due to this, costumers occasionally complain about the prices. When this happens, I try to ensure they get a discount of some sort, within store policy. One particular transaction, a woman comes up and is a bit hesitant about buying an item due to its price.)

Me: Well, do you have a smartphone?

Costumer: I do. Why?

Me: If you go online, you can access our coupons through our website. Right now, we have a 40% off a single regular price item and 20% off the rest of your purchase.

(The woman is ecstatic about that and I walk her through the process, taking over her phone a bit, since she was still unsure how to use it. When all was said and done, she smiled widely at me.)

Costumer: Is there a manager up here? I’d like to speak to one.

Me: Uh, sure. Let me call one up. *does so*

Costumer: *once manager is with us* I’d just like to say how wonderful your cashier here is. She was so kind and helpful! You have some great workers here. I think I’ll actually come back in the future. You see, I haven’t been in here for years due to some of the policies you’ve had in the past. But this girl is really wonderful and I’ll be back in the future!

(Once the costumer finished talking to us, my manager gave me a special pin for a positive in store review from a costumer. I show people how to get to our coupons at least 20 times a day, but that’s the first time anyone’s ever been that grateful!)

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