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I work in a lingerie boutique which is adjacent to a store that sells clothing and accessories. The clothing and accessories store is our sister company, but we are separate stores with separate employees, inventories, and sales. Because we are attached to the clothing and accessories store, a lot of their customers walk into our boutique without realizing they’re in a different store. Sometimes, this confuses people.

Today, a lady walked into the boutique with a bag from [Sister Store]. She took a pair of pants out of the bag and told me the cashier didn’t give her the right price. They looked like they could have been one of our pajama pants, and sometimes our customers bring their returns in [Sister Store] bags because most of our customers shop at [Sister Store], too.

Me: May I see your receipt?

Her: Well, I stuck it down in my purse, but I can show you what rack I got the pants from.

She walked out of the boutique and into [Sister Store]. For a second I wondered if I was actually allowed to follow her since I would technically be leaving the boutique sales floor unattended, but decided it wasn’t a big deal. She marched over to a sales rack and pointed to a sign that said, “50%” off.

Her: When I took these to the register, they told me they weren’t on sale and that they were put in the wrong place, but look! There are five other pairs here! Were they ALL put in the wrong place?

Me: I don’t know, ma’am. That does sound strange, but since I’m not a [Sister Store] employee, I don’t know how their pricing works, so I can’t say for sure what happened here.

Her: You don’t work here?

Me: I work at [Lingerie Boutique] next door. We’re sister companies, but we’re separate stores.

Her: So you do work here! Can you give me a price adjustment on these pants?

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t. I do not work at [Sister Store], and [Lingerie Boutique]’s inventory is completely different. Those pants and their price are not in our system.

Her: So you’re saying you won’t help me? This isn’t fair! These pants are on sale, but they won’t give me the sale price!

Me: That does sound unfair, ma’am. I’m sure one of [Sister Store]’s associates can get this taken care of for you, or at least explain the price better than I can.

Her: But they’re all busy!

At this point I really wanted to tell her tough luck, wait your turn, but she walked away. I wondered why she paid for the pants and walked away from the cash register in the first place if she didn’t agree with the price, but whatever.