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We have the extra stock of all our graphic t-shirts for men and women on a shelf in the back of the store. The shelves are not labeled so only employees know what sizes are where. Above the shelf are all the designs in display boxes showing the color and print. The full size run of these shirts are hanging on the clothing racks in the men’s and women’s section respectively.
I see a customer is looking at the display boxes.
Me: Hello! Let me know if you’d like to see a particular size in the t-shirts. (makes arm gesture towards the display boxes) Those are our extras (making arm gesture towards the shelf) so I can grab your size off the rack for you. (making arm gesture toward front of store)
Customer: (Ignoring me and pulling a shirt out of the middle of the stack, causing them to all fall unfolded to the floor) Hey, this is a ladies shirt! And there isn’t any large here! Dang, I wanted a shirt! (starts to sadly walk away)
Me: (crying inside) What size did you need, sir?