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I work on the customer service desk of a store that sells a mixture of white goods and electronics.
Yesterday a customer came in after having a washing machine that we sold and installed leak and flood her kitchen. This was at around 16:50 on a Saturday.
Understandably she was upset about it, and we explained to her how the process for our company paying for the damage works and started the process off for her, all though this she was mostly stable, and me and my co-worker who was also dealing with her both felt sorry for her.
Then it happened.

She said she expected someone to come out and fix it for her then, and became highly aggressive when we told her that it wouldn’t be today because it was so late (about 17:00 at this point) and all the repair drivers where already booked for the day, as they’re assigned jobs at the start of the day at the latest but even then the customer would have needed to have reported a problem the day before.

She then began insisting on one of *us* coming out to her house and fixing it. Yelling that she refused to believe that “a big store like this” didn’t have anyone free to help, we kept explaining to her we where all retail staff and not trained nor insured to help her in any way. We also explained that the people who come out to houses come from a central hub for our area and not from any of the about 7 stores in the area its self.
She wouldn’t listen and kept yelling that we where refusing to help her and then she began to threaten to call the police if one of our store staff didn’t drive to her house and fix her washing machine right then for her.

She kept yelling that we where refusing to send someone to help her and that one of us could do it and we just didn’t want to help.

Eventually she left after an extremely long argument and we booked a repair for the next working day.