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(Im working the registers when a woman comes up to me. Note: our employee working the cosmetics department is on break and our perfumes and colognes are kept in a locked glass case. Also note, I have a severe allergy to fragrance chemicals. Ill break out into a painful rash if it gets on my skin and have a hard time breathing if I inhale it.)

Customer- excuse me? Could you come unlock the perfume case for me?

Me- Oh! Well, I actually can’t do that, but if you’d give me one second Id be happy to call a manager to help you.

Customer- *Suddenly angry* Excuse me?!? Why wont you help me?!?

Me- *Taken aback* Well… Im sorry ma’am, but like I said I can call a manager-

Customer- If I wanted a manager I would have asked for a manager! All I want is to buy some perfume and youre refusing to help me!

Me- Ma’am… Im really, really sorry, but to start with with, I cant leave the register. Second, I have an allergy to fragrance chemicals. So I cant-

Customer- Thats ridiculous! Ive never heard of anyone being allergic to fragrance before and even if its true, if youre allergic to it you shouldn’t be working with it! Im NEVER shopping here again! *Storms out*

Me- but… I dont work with it…