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I work as a photo Associate in Walmart but always help out in electronic whenever it’s slow. I came inside the little electronic station and my Co worker asks me to help this guy customer because he couldn’t understand what he was saying about a phone. So I went up to him.

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

He was all ticked off. Talking with an attitude.

Customer: I came in about last week and this girl (my other Co worker name) helped me with the phone. She was trying to activate it but she said she had to clock out so for me to come back tomorrow. It’s activated but I can’t call anyone at all or receive calls. I came back the next day and she wasn’t here, they told me she will be back in couple of days. Every time I come back she’s never here.

Me: Oh I’m sorry about that. Yeah I wouldn’t be able to help you but right now she’s on break. If you can wait for her, she will be back within 15 mins.

Customer: Ok. Is the break room in the back?

I told him yes and suddenly he walks to the back and inside the door. I told him, Excuse me sir you cannot go back there! He waved his hands off and said whatever.

So at this point I was like oh my gosh, what do I do? So I tried to get a manager to let them know. Luckily where he walked towards is where the manager office was at. I heard him asking them for directions to the break room and at the end they told him to step out and wait for her because he cannot be back there.

15 mins later my Co worker got back from break and he explained the situation to her. Funny thing was, he goes yeah I let my little niece touch it all the time. She’s only a kid and I don’t care if she breaks it or crack the screen. I just want my phone to be able to call!!! My Co worker calls customer service on the phone. He then left somewhere and his fiancee comes up and said that he will be back for his phone because he has to drop her off to work and plus he’s outside cooling down right now.

After speaking to the customer service on the phone, turns out everything worked. He just had a pass code on the phone that he or someone put up that he has to know in order to get it to work. He never came back that night to pick his phone up.