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(My then-boyfriend, now-husband was the silly customer in this case. He had just moved into a new apartment. This was before cell phones were a thing, so all he had was a landline, which wasn’t hooked up yet.)

Friend (who’d helped him move in): Didn’t you say you’d ordered pizza?
Boyfriend: Yeah! I stopped by the restaurant this afternoon and placed an order. They should be here soon.
Friend: What time did you tell them to deliver?
Boyfriend: 5:00.
Friend: It’s 5:15 now. I’m starving.
Boyfriend: Aw, man, I bet they lost my order. Typical. Tell you what – I’ll go find a payphone in my apartment building’s front lobby and give them a call.

(He went downstairs to the lobby, whereupon he saw a frustrated-looking guy holding pizza, standing outside the building.)

Boyfriend: Hey, is that for me? My name is (Name).
Delivery Guy: Yep. I’ve been trying to get hold of you to buzz me in for 15 minutes, but you’re not answering your phone.
Boyfriend: That’s because it’s not hooked up yet – ohhhhh, geez. Sorry!

(He gave the guy a very generous tip to make up for the goof-up.)