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I work in a video game store that sells new and used video games. Our new games have the word “NEW” in big bold capital letters right above the price that is also in bold. A customer comes up to my reifster and sets a copy of a new video game down on my counter. I grab his game and ring it up.
Customer: Wait, that’s new.
Me: Yes, so it’ll be (total).
Customer: I wanted it used though.
Me, annoyed: Oh, I see. I’m sorry, I thought you wanted the new because your brought the new case and not the used case. Let me see if I have it used for you.
Customer: Well, I thought you would know because I couldn’t find the used case.
Me: Oh, next time you can just ask us if you can’t find it. It doesn’t look like I have it used, would you like to buy it new?
Customer: No, I’ll just go somewhere else.