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(I work in a gourmet grocery store. We have a small back room that is for employees only like most grocery stores. This happened when my coworker was closing one night.)
Coworker: (walking around back room and sees a coustmer) Um sir? This area is for employees only. I’m going to need you to step out.

(The coustmer then ran into the bakery, picked up a bottle of pina colada mix, that doesn’t have alcohol, and chugged half of it.)

Coworker: Sir! Please leave! You can’t drink that!

(The coustmer then took the rest of the bottle and tried to pay for it, but he wouldn’t let go or the bottle when the cashier tried to scan it. It also wouldn’t ring up at the register because it’s not a product we sell.)

Coworker: (after the man left) I guess he just really needed a drink….

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