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(I work in a plus sized clothing store that is known for having amazing bras that hold up and don’t stick with the “big bras only come in ugly or basic colors” stereotype. There’s two of us out on the sales floor and each of us is helping a customer. I’m near the front of the store with mine and my coworker is near the back, measuring an older, rather heavyset woman for a bra.)

Me: *to my customer* All right, so if you like the cut of this pink one, we also have this teal one just like it, and both will go really nicely with the half-sweater or a cardigan if you don’t like sleeveless. Or we have a yellow and a floral one similar, and each of those at least has a short sleeve.

Customer: Would they look okay with a blazer or something? I prefer long sleeves for dresses.

Me: Actually, we have this outfit on the mannequin here, which is a skirt and tank top that look like a dress when tucked, with a blazer on it.

(I turned to lead her to the mannequin and noticed my coworker making a strange face and cringing as she’s measuring her customer. As she’s using both hands to adjust the measuring tape and is about a foot and a half behind her customer, I can’t really radio her to see what’s up. So I just keep an eye on things to make sure the customer isn’t being rude or whatever.)

Customer: Oh, I actually like that look! Do you have all the pieces in [size]?

Me: The skirt is a single-number size, so I’ll grab both of the numbers you mentioned for you and unlock a room. The tank is on the table near the shoes, and the blazer is on this rack behind us.

(We get our items and meet at the fitting rooms, and I see my coworker’s customer leaving her to go check out the bras. As per my job of selling products, I was about to show the customer some shoes that would complete the look when…)

Coworker: (On radio) She f*cking FARTED on me.