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Like most coffee shops, we have a bar/island area with sugar, creamer, straws, etc., and a built in trash can. People frequently forget to ask us to leave room for cream and decide to dump hot coffee into the bar trash can, splashing everywhere, not to mention the mess from mostly empty cups and snacks that are tossex there. I have the lucky task one afternoon, during a slow period, to remove the can and wipe down the inside of the cabinet where it sits. I have the trash can sitting right next to the counter and my lower half is clearly sticking out of the open door in the middle of the bar. A customer leans over me to reach for sugar and I apologize for being in the way and ask if she needs me to move with no response. A few seconds later, empty sugar packets come through the hole in the middle of the bar and onto my head. Thankfully I pull out before getting stabbed with a wet, sticky stir stick. I look at her in shock, and she makes a comment about not realizing that would happen before wandering off. Luckily, we had left room for cream in that cup and it wasn’t scalding coffee!!

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