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, | Unfiltered | March 4, 2020

(I’m cashiering at a big supermarket, it’s past 8pm and i’m due to close my register soon. A lady comes to my register and she is what we would commonly describe as a b***h. She also sounds a bit stupid, and has a lot of things, including cleaning products and expensive food products. I’m a little way into scanning her items, but she’s been nasty from the start.)
Her: It’s already [amount]? Just this stuff?
Me: Well, that’s how it rings up.
Her: This can’t be right, are you sure you haven’t scanned something twice?
Me: No ma’am, you can see right here.
Her: There must be something wrong. This stuff doesn’t cost so much.
Me: I can add it up for you manually just to check.
*I proceed to add it all up with my calculator, it’s correct. I continue scanning*
Her: This can’t be right. We’ll look through all this after you’ve finished.
Me, losing my patience, as I’m supposed to be closing and i still have a line of people: YOU can do what you like. I however, will finish your transaction, continue with my job, and then go home.
Her: I don’t give a f**k what YOU do, I meant Customer Services!