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I answer the phone at work which is a café that has a gift shop inside. This is the conversation.
Me- Good afternoon (café), how can I help?
Lady- Hello, (café)? I’ve been checking my bank statements this month and noticed my card has been charged £10 from your company! I just wanted to let you know that I’m outraged as I’ve never been there in my life! I’ll also have you know that I have contacted my bank to press charges against you for fraudulent practices to ensure this does not happen again!
Me- (taken aback by this) £10 madame? I’m sorry to hear it, but are you sure you haven’t been here before? Or do you remember if you purchased anything? I’m just not sure how we could charge you by card unless you used one of our card machines to-
Lady- (shouting) Don’t be so daft! I know where I have and haven’t been! Do you think I’m stupid?! I would never eat at your tacky little place anyway! The only time I ever went was to look at the scarves in the gift shop! How old are you anyway? Put me on to someone who knows what they’re talking about!
Me- (at this point losing patience and realising what she’s done, as I know our prices by heart) Madame, did you by any chance buy a scarf for £10?
Lady- Yes I did, as a present for my daughter! But… Oh, I see…(I could hear the colour drain from her face)
Me- Did you pay by card?
Lady- (suddenly sweet and chipper) oh yes of course! How silly of me! Oh well dear I already contacted the bank and cancelled the payment, but I’ll call them up right now to cancel the fraud charges. So sorry, bye! (Hangs up)
Me- Enjoy the free scarf…

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