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(A friend and I are waiting in line for concessions before our movie. The theatre we’re in is undergoing renovations, meaning that only two registers are open. There is a single file line for concessions, which splits as the employees at the tills are available. We’re waiting in line behind an older man, customer #1, and in front of two other men, customers #2 and #3.)

Employee: (Gesturing to the line). Why don’t all of you go ahead and make two lines?
Customer #1: No!!! Absolutely not!!!
Friend: I think he wants to expedite service by splitting us into two lines. It should be faster that way.
Customer #1: Absolutely not! I’m staying right here!
Employee: Sir? If I could get all of you to form two separate lines, we can get you to your movies faster.
Customer #1: Absolutely not. WHY DON’T YOU GO F*** YOURSELF!!!! F*** YOU!!!!
Customer #2: Now, there is no reason to speak to him that way. He is just trying to do his job. You owe him an apology.
Customer #1: (Over his shoulder as he approaches the counter) I DON’T OWE HIM ANYTHING.
Customer #3: (To friend and me) Here’s to hoping that he’s not in either of our theatres!

(My friend and I both apologized profusely to the employee at the receiving end of this man’s tirade. For being incredibly young, he handled the situation very well.)

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