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*I work in an I.T department for a large company that is under-staffed and very busy. I’m currently working offsite at our data centre when this happens*

Coworker: Hey I know you’re busy but user has rang up about a ticket.

Me: She will have to wait. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

*Next day*

Coworker: She’s on the phone again..

Me: *taking the call* Hi, IT dept this is *my name*.

User: I’m ringing up about ticket to install this software we urgently need.

Me: Sorry, we are flat out at the moment and I was in the city yesterday so couldn’t do it. *asks for more details as I have never seen this software before*

User: I don’t know why this is so f’ing hard. I try to do the right thing and log a ticket but no-one is fixing this.

Me: *getting cranky as she has done similar things before* I’ll come down soon and have a look.

*After quickly finding out what to do with the software, I rush down to her and install it on the computers she needs*

Me: Ok, it’s all installed. I don’t have an account for this software so can’t test it. Can you login to it to make sure it all works.

User: Oh, I don’t have a login yet. I just wanted to make sure it was installed so that when I do get the logins it is ready to go.

Me: *Facepalm*