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(I work in a very small, family owned pet store that’s only been in operation for a couple of years)

Customer: Hi, how long does a bag of this food last a 100 lb dog?

Me: A bag that size should last about 2 months.

Customer: How many bags do you think it would take to last 2 years?

Me: (taken aback) Um… probably about 12. If you buy it all now though it’ll expire before that time. Most people buy bags as they need them, can I ask why you need 2 years supply?

Customer: I’m flying back to Zimbabwe in a month and I need food for my farm dogs. I won’t be back for two years.

Me: Wow, that’s a long way. Well, like I said unfortunately the food won’t last that long and it would probably be really expensive to ship since each bag is nearly 40 lbs.

Customer: Can you ship it to me?

Me: I’m sorry sir, this is a very small store and we don’t currently offer overseas shipping on products.

Customer: Are you sure?

Me: Positive.

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