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I work at a donut shop and currently my two coworkers and I are trying to move quickly through a line of customers. My more experienced coworker does drinks while my other coworker and I are at the register. I just finish helping a customer when I see I am very low on $1 bills. It is the closing shift so whatever $1 bills we have, that’s all we have. I turn to the last three customers in line.


“Is anyone paying with card?”

Everyone is paying with cash. Even though we are not supposed to (because my boss only wants the register open when there’s a cash transaction) my coworker opens her register and gives me $1 bills. I take the next customer.


“I’ll get a dozen.”

I serve him his dozen and as he pays, I notice he pays with card instead of cash. He would’ve been out much faster if he would’ve said something in the first place.

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