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I am working at the money transfer desk at a popular blue superstore. A young couple walks up with baby in tow.
Me: How can I help you today?
Customer: Yes can I get [service 1]
Me: Sure! *Asks for info required for [service 1]*
Customer: Why are you asking for that? I just need [service 2]
Me: *Cheerily* Oh I thought you said [service 1], let me get [service 2] started for you then!
Customer: *Angry* What don’t you understand??? I need [service 3]
Me: *Still trying to be nice and cheery* OK well then lets just go ahea-
She cuts me off and talks to the manager, who happened to be walking behind me.
Customer: *to the manager* Can we get someone to help us who actually knows what they are doing?!
(I take extreme offence to this, not only because I have been very polite to them while they were rude to me, but I had made a big effort to learn everything that I could, and was widely recognized as one of the best employees at this location)
Manager: *looks at the situation briefly* Whats going on? I believe (My Name) would be the best person to help you here.
Customer: No! He keeps trying to do the wrong thing! We just want [service 4] and he keeps trying to sell us [service 2]!
(Note that [service 4] is quite complicated and I know for a fact that the manager does not know how to do it)
Manager: Well alright (My name) go ahead and do [service 4]
Customer: No we want someone who knows what they are doing!
(At this point I’ve had enough. I turn to the manager)
Me: No
(I turned around and walked away, leaving the manager to deal with them. I got a snack and had a nice paid break! And I later learned that they actually needed [service 5])