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I am working the customer service desk area at a well known blue superstore. It is nearing the end of an 8 hour shift. Two men walk up at the same time.
Me, without looking up: I can help you right here (indicating to either person to come to my computer)
Customer 1: *walks up* I would like to retur-
Customer 2: *interupts loudly* Hey! I was here first!
Me: I’m sorry, I was not really paying attention. I’ll be right with you in a moment!
Customer 2: *pushes Customer 1 out of the way* Why don’t you want to help me?! Is it ’cause I’m Black?!
Me: *shocked* what? no-
Customer 2: You’re just a racist!
Me: *Turns to my manager, who is an immigrant from south Africa, and a good friend of mine. She had just clocked in* Hey (manager) how are you doing today?
Customer 2: *Sputters*

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