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(I have a large Hispanic family, and my aunt owns a family-run Mexican restaurant. I am working as a hostess one day and a college-aged Caucasian man walks up to the hostess podeum.)
Me: Hello, sir, how many people are in your party?
Customer: Oh, no, I’m not here to eat. I’m here to apply for a job.
Me: Well, we appreciate that you would like to come work here, but we don’t really hire outside applicants.
Customer: I see, you only hire Mexicans, is that right?
Me: Sir, we’re actually–
Customer: You Mexicans keep taking our jobs! I can’t even apply for jobs now cause of y’all!
Me: Sir, that’s not it at all, this is a–
Customer: And y’all call us racist, when y’all are just as bad!
(I am pretty petite, and I have a hard time trying to seem intimidating or capable of defending myself. My cousin, who is working as a waiter, sees this and comes over to help me.)
Cousin: Sir! This is a family-run restaurant! Unless you are part of the [last name] family, then we will not hire you! We are third generation LEGAL immigrants, we are NOT the problem. I suggest you get your broke-a** away from my cousin before some serious damage happens to it!
(The man stormed out, knocking a few decorations off the wall on his way out, resulting in his arrest for vandalism and harrassment!)