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[I’m working the service desk alone and I’ve quite a few customers in line. I can hear an older woman mutter about how “we need more help/ faster workers” as I’m printing out several money orders for the customer in front of her. The older woman comes up to me, and I recognize her, instantly, because of her bright auburn drawn on eyebrows. She is known for being quite rude and pushy]

Customer: I want two rainchecks!

Me: No problem, what are they for? [I pull up the raincheck window on my computer to find it.]

Customer: It’s [brand] milk! They’re a part of the 10 for 10 sale.

Me: Alright, looks like it’s not already in the system, I’ll have to check the ad.

Customer: Ugh. This is going to take SO much time!

Me: Okay found it. What was the other one?

Customer: [she mumbles the brand] kipper snacks! [as I start searching the ad for it she freaks:] They ARE NOT in the ad!!

Me: Okay.. I’ll have to call back to the department to see if it’s raincheckable. it was [tries to say the brand] right?

Customer: YES. Ugh. This is taking too long.

Me: [on phone with grocery, they ask their manager and turns out it is raincheckable] Okay, I can make that as well. All I have to do is get a manager’s override and then I can make them.

Customer: WHAT. Why do you NEED a manager’s override?

Me: Well, any raincheck that isn’t already in the system has to have a manager’s approval.

Customer: Can you just make it without them having to approve it??

Me: I can’t. The computer will lock out until they override it.

Customer: That is just ridiculous.

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