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(A customer and his young son come to the counter to rent two games. I ring them up and off they go. He comes back about 10 minutes later in a huff, tosses the games in front of me)

Customer: *angrily* “What the hell is this?!”

Me: “The games you just rented.”

Customer: *more angry* “No! I mean what system are they for?!”

(Without looking, remembering what system the dead boxes he had originally handed me were for)

Me: “Playstation 2”

Customer: “And what sytem did I give you?!”

Me: “Playstation 2”

(As he opens his mouth to say something to me, pauses, looks at his son)

Customer to son: “Where the hell did you get these?!”

(Son leads him to PS2 section. He comes back very apologetic and I kindly exchanged his rentals to the proper system)

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