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[I’m taking out the trash in the store when I overhear this conversation between a customer and my coordinator. We’ve two lanes open at 8pm due to a few employee’s breaks, my coordinator is trying to find a department worker to run a lane for a minute, since it picked up a little. Mind you, there’s max 3 people in line.]

Customer: You need to open more lanes! I only have a few items and I shouldn’t be waiting in line for this!

Coordinator: I’m sorry, I’m working on that.

Customer: Yeah, but are you?

Coordinator [to coworker]: Hey, would you mind running a lane for a minute? .. lane 17 maybe?

Customer: SO, lane 17 will be open!?

Coordinator: Yeah, they’ll be up in a moment.

[the customer walks over to lane 17 and angrily unloads her things as she stares at me. I leave to take my 7:30 break since it was overdue. When I come back, my coordinator is on a lane helping ring an older man and his wife. Apparently they were screaming at her, too, about “needing more lanes open”.]