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[we have a policy that any returns without a receipt under $25 we won’t need to see an ID for and they’ll be put on a gift card for the store. Often times, customers will steal things that are lower than that and then return them.]

Customer: Hi, I’d like to return this.

Me: Okay, do you have your reciept for it?

Customer: No.

Me: Okay.. did you pay with a credit card or use the online coupons when you purchased it?

Customer: No.

Me: Alright. That will $21.99 on a gift card. Anything else I can do for you?

Customer: Yeah. [pulls out a stylus] Can you see if this comes from here? I want to return it. My daughter got it as a gift.

Me: [scans it, it does.] Alright, that will be $10 on a gift card. [This drew some red flags for me. Normally customers would bring out all the items they had questions about or wanted to return. If I would have been able to process it together, it would have been well over $25. Since, I haven’t seen her before I can’t be for certain that she’d stolen them. However, it is such a common occurrence that it always bothers me when this happens.]

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