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(I’m alone at my service desk, and I get this call. I work in a hardware store.)

Me: Thank you for calling, *Location, Store*. How may I help you?
Caller: (caller has a foreign accent) Yes, you have vet?
Me: I’m sorry, did you ask if we have a vet?
Caller: Yes. Do you have vet, like *Location 30 min. away*?
Me: Uhm, no. We don’t have a vet at this location.
Caller: Oh. No vet like with puppies?
Me: No, but there is one down the road.
Caller: Oh. Do you know if they do rabies?
Me: No sir, I don’t know if they give shots for rabies.
Caller: Ohhh. Do you have their number?
Me: No sir, I don’t.
Caller: Why don’t you have their number?
Me: Because this is *Store*. But the name of that vet is *Name*.
Caller: *sounds appalled* You no have their number, how can I find them?
Me: Uhm, google *Name, City, State*?
Caller: Ohhh. You no have their number?
Me: No, sir. I don’t have their number, this is *store*.
Caller: Do you know if *location mentioned before* has a vet?
Me: No sir, I don’t. This is the *City, Store* location. I don’t know about *location b*
Caller: Ohhh. Okay. So how I get their number?
Me: *rubbing my eyebrows and getting strange looks from the customers that have come to the desk* Type into google the name I gave you, then *City, State* and it should pop up.
Caller: Okay. Do you install plants?
Me: No sir, we sell them but we do not plant them for you.
Caller: Okay. Have a good day.
Me: Have a good day.

(The two ladies in front of me were looking at me in disbelief.)

Young lady: He just wanted a vet?
Me: Apparently.
Young lady: Why did he call *store* then?
Me: I have no idea. (I laugh a little and then switch back to work mode) How can I help you?

(Surprisingly I’ve had two other weird calls. One a customer asked if we sold lumber, and the other the young lady asked how to change a light bulb…)

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