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For children under a certain age, our province take off a portion of the taxes of the clothes; however, the parent purchasing the clothes has to let us know before we ring them through that they’re buying these clothes for a child.

*Customer storms back into the store and throws the receipt on the counter*

Customer: You didn’t take the tax off of my purchase! I’m purchasing these for my SON. He’s only TEN.

Me: Sorry about that, but it’s always best to tell us before we ring you through. It will take me a minute to fix this.

Customer: It shouldn’t be my job to tell you! You should ALWAYS ask! It’s ridiculous for us to have to pay these taxes in the first place.

*Our tills are old and don’t make it easy for us to refund, and then re-ring through her entire purchase, while removing the tax from her purchase.*

Me: Our till doesn’t allow credit card refunds, so I’ll have to give this back to you in cash.

*I hand her the $1.75 that was charged to her in taxes. She snatches it out of my hand*

Customer: Every penny counts!

*Cue eye roll as she leaves the store*