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(It is late in the day, and my co-worker and I are beginning to clean and pack things away, although we’re still open for another hour. I am cleaning out the dessert cabinet)
Customer 1: *rudely* You aren’t closing, are you?
Co-worker: Not yet, no.
(The customer places her order and walks out, only for another couple at the same table to enter)
Customer 2: Do you have lactose free milk?
Me: We have almond milk and soy milk
Customer 2: Almond is fine
Customer 3: So how much?
Me: What would you like?
Customer 3: Just tell me how much
Co-worker: You need to tell us what coffee you want, and what size. It’s not all the same price
Customer 3: *As if it’s obvious* A flat white
(I tell him the price, and he shoves the money into my hand. As they walk outside, the wife turns back around)
Customer 2: You make sure that’s almond milk! I’ll get sick if you use regular milk!

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