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[I’m working the self scan with this man with a cart full of gallons of water walks up]

Man: [to coworker] Can you just quantity this for me 20 times?

Coworker 1: [turns to me] uhh?

Me: I’m sorry, we can’t quantity it, but we can scan it for you 20 times. [I reach for my hand scanner as he walks away]

[The man goes up to the customer service desk]

Man: Yeah can you just quantity it for me?

Coworker 2: Sorry, I can’t do that, the system won’t allow it without a manager’s override, but I can scan it for you. It would be a lot faster than waiting for a manager.

Man: [reaches for her hand scanner and starts to scan] NOW THAT WASN’T SO F***ING HARD WAS IT?!

Coworker 2: I was going to scan it for you, but okay.

[my manager heard the story later in the day and informed my coworker’s that if any customer swears at us or is generally rude, that we don’t have to deal with that and can call a manager to take over]