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My wife is the customer service manager for a diaper service. This message showed up in her inbox.

Do you ship to PO Boxes or not? And when will you expand your service area nationwide(all 50 states nationwide),or worldwide(every country)? How many years do you think it would take you to reach a nationwide service area and how long have you been in business? because if you charge a certain amount for your diapers you should have reach a nationwide service by now since you’ve created the website 10 yrs ago, so how come you haven’t reached a nationwide let alone a worldwide service area by now. because people will buy from you no matter what the price unless you are using a very expensive web hosting service or something. and what kind of house do you live in?(mansion, regular house, mod home or a single wide), if you are in the top 2 sell your house to move into a mod or single wide house) that way you can expand your business more. easily and more faster, learn on how to be humble, and if you are in a single wide or mod home and are struggling, then I apologize, but yo! u should’ve made enough money by now to live comfortable since you’ve created this website 10 yrs ago in 2006 or 2005 so you could have saved up money.or something of the sort.