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Some years ago I was the manager for a small store in a regional chain. Our store was somewhat unique, compared with the larger companies, in that we were closed on Sunday, and closed somewhat early on Saturday.

One Sunday, a good two hours after the store had closed, I’m sitting in the back finishing up some paperwork when I hear a repeated knocking at the glass at the front of the store. All the lights are out, and have been out since the last employee (other than myself) had left. Looking up out of the office, I can barely make out this silhouette of someone at the door with what looks to be a dress bag draped over one arm.

Heading up front, I’m greeted by a woman who’s trying her best to peer through the door. At this point, since I’m about to leave with the deposit for the night, and not overly keen on having someone who might be a threat out there, I don’t have to be nice.

Me: What do you want?

Woman: I need to return this.

Me: Store’s closed.

Woman: I know, but I need to return it. I got the wrong size.

Me: Can’t help you.

Woman: But, I got it for church! I want them to see how nice I’ll look.

Me: Not my problem.

Woman: Come on, can’t you just let me run in and get it and return this?

Me: You see any lights on? We’re closed. C-L-O-S-E-D.

Woman: But Wal-mart is still open!

Me: Yeah, your point being what? Look, the registers are all shut down, and I don’t trust you. So we’re at an impasse. I’m not letting you in, and you’re not returning that. Come back when we’re open.

Woman: (at this point crying) But I need to return IT! You have to do this for me! Customer is always right!

Me: When the store is open, which we’re not.

Woman: Can I come back tomorrow then? What are your hours?

At this point, I realize I’m going to either have to lie to her to get her to leave, or call the police. Not wanting to have to explain the latter to my district manager, I opt to lie to the woman.

Me: Store opens at nine.

Woman: And you’ll return it then?

Me: Sure.

She left, I waited another thirty minutes just to be safe, and then left. Didn’t think much of it until the next Monday when I came in. My DM is waiting for me, and he’s trying his best NOT to laugh.

DM: Uh, stupid question, did you have someone try to return something on Saturday, and you told them you couldn’t do it until Sunday morning?

Me: Not exactly. Lady came in around eleven, well after we’d closed. Was either lie to her to get her to go away, or call the cops. Why?

DM: Well, she apparently showed up here at nine on sunday morning. Started banging on the door for someone to let her in so she could exchange her dress. Made such a stink that the Chinese restaurant down the way called the cops and she ended up getting arrested. So, she’s called a complaint in to corporate about it.

Me: And?

DM: Well, when the VP stopped laughing after he tried to tell the story to me, he suggested in future we put a BIG sign up front with our hours. I told him we have it, and he said just make it bigger. Oh, and just call the cops the next time.

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