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(I’m on a day off and come into work to pick up lunch for my family and see my coworkers. The owner is in and sweeping the floor because we’re between rushes. We charge for pizza boxes on slices of piza)
Me: hey delivery driver! *waves* hey boss!
Owner: *looks up* hey kiddo! I gotta finish the floor *continues sweeping* (coworker) wasn’t able to get to it cause of the lunch rush ,
Coworker: *rushes to the counter looking frustrated* sorry for the wait! Here to pick up, right?
Me: yup! *sits down*
Coworker: it’ll be about 5 minutes!
Customer: *approaches the counter*
Coworker: Hi how can I help you?
Customer: 8 slices of pepperoni please.
Coworker: for Here or To go?
Customer: to go.
Coworker: *begins putting them in paperbags*
Customer: uh, I want a box .
Coworker: that’ll be $2, is that okay?
Customer: *screams* do you know who I am!? I know the owner. Give me a free box.
Owner: *leans on his broom* you know the owner?
Me and delivery driver: *snicker*
Customer: *smirks* yes, and with one phone call, I could get you and this girl fired.
Owner: funny, you know the owner….but I don’t know you! *shakes the customer’s hand* nice to meet you, now get the hell outta my restaurant.
Customer: *rushes out, leaving their slices behind*
Me, delivery driver and coworker: *laughing our heads off*
(I went to the coffee shop across the street after that and got the owner a large coffee for making my day)