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I am a volunteer at a non-profit sports league for children that is associated with the local church. We a partnered with a large chain of sporting good stores, and they provide us with two day a year where we can go in and “gear up” for each season. We have a table in the front of the store’s location, where we are handing out 20% discounts to all of our league’s members, and 20$ off to all our coaches in addition to the 20% off. I am in a neon yellow shirt with the nonprofit’s logo on it, as it is worn by all the referees during the times we volunteer. The day has gone smooth, and before I leave, I go out to buy myself a whistle for the upcoming season with the discounts I was given. As I am looking around, someone with her two kids approaches me. I am and look far too young to be legally employed.

Her: Hi, where are your restrooms, my kids have to go.

(Note, I am still in my neon yellow shirt, and all the employees wear dark green collared shirts with the company’s logo.)

Me: I don’t work here, I work with a non-profit sports league that is partnered with [store] but I believe the restrooms are located in the back by the firearms.

Her: Thanks.

This had happened to me at least twice, and God knows how many times to my coworkers and boss, all of whom at least appear to be working age.