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(The place I work at has both takeout and delivery. Sometimes delivery customers request that the driver call when they arrive, which we can do. However, sometimes if the driver doesn’t have a phone we will call the customer from the restaurant and let them know the driver will be there in 5 minutes, etc. Have never had a call like this before.)
Me: “Hi, this is [restaurant] calling.”
Customer (cheerfully): “Ah, you must be my food!”
Me: “Not quite, sir. I’m just calling to let you know our driver is on his way to you right now, he should be there in about five minutes.”
Customer (still cheerful): “Okay, I’ll be down there to meet him!”
Me: “Okay, have a good night.”
After I hang up, a customer comes in to pick up an order, I retrieve it and tell him the price. He starts handing me cash, and then the phone rings. Since I am the only person working the phones, I answer as follows.
Me: “Hello, [restaurant], could you hold for a second please?”
Same customer as before, suddenly not so cheerful: “No I can’t! Where the hell is your guy? I thought you said he was at my door!”
Me: “No sir, I said he was just leaving and should be there soon.”
Customer: “Well why can’t he just CALL ME when he f*ing GETS HERE.”
Me: “He doesn’t have his cell phone.”
Customer: “Well that’s a problem. When is he supposed to get here!?” (It should be literally any minute now, but before I can tell him that he says) “Oh I think I see him! Does he have slanted eyes?” (Literally didn’t know how to respond to that, especially since that’s the owner who’s delivering his order tonight)
He then ends the phone call without even a goodbye.