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(Our public library has recently renovated its basement to include a teen area, complete with a teen librarian (a librarian for teens, not a librarian who is a teen). She’s in her twenties and very open-minded, so she relates well to the teens and a strong group of “regulars” forms quickly. Soon the events with the regulars double as an LGBT and mental health support group. Understandably, all the regulars love her and try to tell her that in their own ways. On this occasion, a group with a few regulars is meeting for an “anti-prom.”)

Librarian: *Goes into conference room to set up snacks and activities*


Librarian: *Startled, holds up hands and looks at Regular 1*

Regular 1: “You can look at it after [Regular 1’s Sister] and I are gone!”

(10 minutes later, after our librarian has finished setting everything up without looking at the whiteboard…)

Regular 1: “You can look at it now if you want.”

(Our librarian turns around to see a wonderful message detailing how amazing and beautiful she is. When she turns back to us, she looks like she’s going to cry.)

Librarian: “You guys! First [Regular 2] makes me that owl,” (small stuffed owl she sewed together,) “and [My Name] said those sweet things to me when I took him home, now this… I’m gonna cry when I get home!”

Me: “Wait, what sweet things?”

Librarian: “You may have blocked it out. It was pretty traumatic.”

(There was a communication issue between my parents and I, so I was getting angry calls from my mom all the way home.)

Me: “I remember telling you how awesome unisex bathrooms and toilets that don’t flush automatically are.”

Librarian: “Well, I’m glad you at least remember the important parts!”

(For the record, I’ve made her an owl of my own for her new apartment, so hopefully we’ll have something we can both remember!)

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  • Wendigone

    If you want something special for her to remember you by, make it something unique instead of using the other person’s owl idea. Make some other creature, perhaps – something that won’t make her think of the original owl-maker first and you second.

    • Maybeth80

      But maybe the librarian collects owls or just really likes them? If that was the case she would likely love it no matter who else might have given her one previously. And OP taking the time/effort to make it themselves? I’m sure it would be treasured.

      • Wendigone

        You have a good point! It read more to me like the OP was just trying to find something and knew she liked the previous handmade owl, not that she actually adores owls. I’m sure if the owl isn’t a random animal then it’s not going to have the effect I described.

    • I am Jenn

      I just figured it was a play on that whole wise owl reading books trope…and that’s why making her owls became a thing?

  • Harold George Wagner III

    OP you are right on about the toilets. I hate the ones that flush automatically.

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