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Unfiltered | May 19, 2017

(It’s Friday at 17:30. I just had a really, REALLY bad week at work, and I’m crying on the way home. I decide to get myself a cup of something from the local coffeeshop, to treat myself for the evening. I have been to this coffeeshop exactly once since it opened, and I completely blow past the drive through speaker, distracted and forgetting where it was. I wind up at the window. Luckily no other cars are in the drive-through.)

Me: (still trying to stop crying) I totally just drove past the speaker, I am so sorry, I had a really, really bad week.

Employee: That’s okay, what can I get you?

(I order, and the guy takes a few minutes with my order while I’m sniffling and blowing my nose. He finally comes back.)

Employee: Here you go, you have a good night!

Me: But, I didn’t pay…

Employee: That’s okay! This is on the house. We hope you have a great weekend, okay?

Me: Thank you! Thank you so much! Here, this is a tip for you guys. Thanks so much.

(Thank you, coffeeshop, for making my weekend SO much better!)

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