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Caller: Hi, I’m doing some planning for a wedding coming up in a few months and were hoping to stay at your hotel. We stayed there 2 years ago and loved it. We were wondering what your restaurant is called.
(we have not had a restaurant for at least a year and a half and at that time it was just our very small hotel bar that served some side things. There was a restaurant next door to us that was in our same, unique building. but it closed a little over a year ago as well)
Me: We actually don’t have a restaurant. There used to be a bar and before that it was a restaurant. They moved behind us though and now do our cateri-
Caller: Nooo. (suspiciously like I hadn’t looked around the hotel in the past year) when we were there, there was a restaurant in the hotel.
Me: there was a (restaurant chain) next door to us, but-
Caller: That’s it. that’s the one we liked.
Me: Yeah. They did close that location about a year ago though. But we do cater events through the steakhouse directly behind us.
Caller: Well darn. Do you have any other restaurants in the building that will be available in a couple months?
Me: We will have our own brand new one opening in about 5 months, but for now we have a couple places that cater events here.
Caller: But nothing in that other spot?
Me: Not yet, someone is looking at buying it, but I don’t know the plan with it.
Caller: Well darn, alright. Thanks anyway.
(No idea why that spot was so important to them. the old restaurant was not worth planning a wedding around)