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I work in a restaurant that has live plants around. Late one evening I am serving a couple with their teenage son. They seem to enjoy everything, have ordered some additional food to go. The man has paid the bill with a one hundred dollar bill. Note again that it is late. The hostess has already been sent home, and they are the last table in the dining room. I come out from the kitchen with the man’s change to find the teenager crashing around in the booth next to theirs. They now have a plant sticking out of their bag of to-go food.

Me: What in the world is going on?

Man: That’s what I was wondering, your planters are breaking or something,

I quickly count his change back to him, run to the kitchen and yell to the manager

Me: (Manager!) I need you out there. They’re stealing our plants!

Manager: What about plants?

Me: Go! They are taking our plants!

By the time manager gets out there they are gone. There’s a nice clump of spanish moss left in their wake in the middle of the floor. Overall I count 3 or 4 different plants missing as well as the salt and pepper from the table. Ended up having to vacuum dirt from under their table as well as re-clean the adjacent table that the teenager had been crashing around. In retrospect I should have held onto the change and gone for the manager, but being alone with them I did not feel comfortable actually confronting them about it, especially over some plants they probably could have bought somewhere for 10 dollars.

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