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(I’m a young teen at the time, shopping in a store that sells band merchandise and other pop culture items. I have very vibrant blue and purple unnaturally dyed hair along with many other people in the store, including employees. I’m also wearing black jeans and a flannel. I was looking through some shirts when a lady dressed in business clothes approaches me.) Lady: you! *grabs my arm pulling me away* you need to help me find something! (at this point many people look over, including the friends I’m here with.) Me: *trying to struggle away* uh. Ma’am. I don’t work here. I-I’m only 14. Lady: Of course you do! I mean look at you! Your mother wouldn’t let you dress like that! You must be an adult! (at this point I’m close to tears because I’m not the best when it comes to being yelled at. She’s still dragging me along by an arm yelling questions and demanding I help her get something when an employee and my friends step in) Employee: Ma’am, whats the problem here? Lady: This little **** won’t help me! You should have her fired! Employee: She doesn’t work here, she’s just a kid. Lady: Bull****! You’re all the same! Haven’t you heard of the customer always being right? (The lady the storms out of the store murmuring how she’ll call the manager and get the actual employee fired, too. I finally collected myself, found the thing I was originally looking for, then goes up to buy it. The same employee who helped me checked me out. She apologized for that women’s behavior and let me have a few pins and a bracelet for free from her!)