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, | Unfiltered | February 7, 2020

I’m working on the phones at a bank call centre- so far it has been a painful day. Things were made rather worse when I got perhaps the most persnickety old woman on the phone. Being a few minutes to 12pm I absently mindedly answer the phone

Me: Good afternoon, thank you for calling (Major Bank) my name is (My Name) how can I help?

Old Woman: IT’S MORNING!!!

Me: Excuse

Old Woman: The time reads 11 hours and fifty seven minutes that means it is morning! God you people can’t do a single thing right!

Me: I apologize, how I can help?

Old Woman: Well- if you can manage to tell me the bank opening times today that would be a start!

Me: Ok could you just confirm which branch is nearest to you?

Old Woman: For Goodness sake!

(She then doesn’t say the name clearly she I double check to make sure)

Me: Was that the Hull branch you said there?

Old Woman: NO! I Said Hove, H-O-V-E! You people really cannot do a single thing right!

Me: Again I am sorry, today this branch is opening from 9 to 5

Old Woman: Well….

Me: Sorry?

Old Woman: What about the rest of the week days? goodness all idiots!

Me: The rest of the week it is also open from 9-5

Old Woman: WHAT ABOUT SATURDAY?? What a waste of time!

Me: Madame I am sorry but didnt make it clear when you first came on the phone that you wanted the entire week, you just said today!

Old Woman: God, why did I ever dial this number, you call centre people are all stupid!

Me: Madame I am trying to help you as best I can, but you really need to stop being so abusive!

Old Woman: Forget it- transfer me to the branch, fed up of dealing with you idiots!

Me: With pleasure

(with that I transfer her- knowing full well her branch will never pick up the phone because they have routed all calls to us! Felt sorry for whoever got that lady next! It was a small victory in a horrible day)