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(I worked as a police dispatcher for a campus police station. We were a full fledged department, despite it being a very small town and campus. In fact the college campus is where a lot of the middle school and high school students hung out. Very early on in my time there, a group of high school students came to the station, they were all in tears and had a tiny puppy in their arms.

The told me some man drove past them, and basically threw the dog at them and said if the didn’t take the puppy he was going to shoot it in the head and drown it.

I took the puppy and promised it would be taken care of and that I would make sure it didn’t go to the pound.

It spent several days at my house and the station until one of the officers decided to keep it. The puppy went on to grow up and have puppies of her own as well.

To add to this – the animal shelter in that town was in rather terrible condition. Every single officer I knew (as well as many professors) had multiple animals because they recused them from abandonment, poor owners etc. and we all refused to take them to the shelter. Only once in my time there was a dog taken, and that was because he was so extremely aggressive. We always had officers who, out of their small paychecks, would make sure the station was stocked with dog and cat food.

There really isn’t an end to this story, because even though I don’t work there anymore, it is still the same.

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