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Unfiltered | April 9, 2017

This happened a few years ago, I was visiting a (now ex) friend and had for one of the first time ever gotten out of town which was about 200km away from home.

Feeling very well during my stay with her, she suddenly said that I’d have to leave a day earlier than she and I had agreed upon and my train ticket couldn’t be used a day earlier. I desperately asked if I could stay another night but no. Not wanting to call my parents, I thought I would have to sleep outside that night in an unfamiliar city knowing really no one.

A stranger who I met while I was visiting had apparently heard about me being stranded, managed to calm me down and help me getting all my stuff to her parents home where I slept for the night.

We watched movies and joked about our favorite shows we had in common.

The next morning I puked the second I woke up, due to how stressful it all had been and ended up being picked up by my parents.

Her kindness and bold action has kept us friends to this day.