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Unfiltered | April 5, 2017

I used to work as Entertainment Editor for an LGBTQI+ webzine, which means I got to interview singers/actors/authors/etc, and though it was voluntary, the experience I gained from this was incredible. I have still kept in touch with a number of people I interviewed, including members of my favourite band.

My father recently passed away unexpectedly (to make it worse, it was on the 8th anniversary of my brother’s death), and as he lived in a small town, everyone there knew each other, so word spread quite quickly.

However, once the family all knew, my mother, brother and I put up posts on Facebook to announce it to everyone else. Within about 8 hours, I had over 200 comments on my status alone, let alone all the posts from other family members.

As much as I appreciate the support from everyone, both in person and online, there are a couple of comments and messages that have a special appreciation from me, and those are the ones from my entertainment friends. Those friends commented on my post, which means they risked someone recognising their names and trying to contact them as a fan.

One particular friend put a link to one of her songs in a comment, and dedicated it to my father and I. I had a listen to it, and the tears started flowing as it is such a beautiful song. I asked the friend how I can get a copy of it, and she simply asked my address and sent me the entire album that the song is on!

As I returned home after finalising everything in my hometown, I have listened to that song a number of times, and it always brings a tear to my eye, both in memory of my dad, and in appreciation of that additional bit of kindness.

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