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This happened when I worked at the biggest theme park in Canada during 2016.

I had just finished scanning two items for a guest.

Me: You’re total is $10.50

Guest: Okay, I only have $20 which is more then you need…uh… this is going to sound weird but can I take the change right out the drawer? I don’t want you contaminating the money?

Me: Oh no sorry, I’m not allowed.

Guest: (looking very distressed) But-but..

Me: (I have a sister with mild OCD so I am more empathetic to people’s odd germaphobic request) I can put on gloves if that’ll help.

Guest: Really? Oh my gosh, thanks!

I go to another cash register on the other side of my store, which is where the first aid kit is located. It is also where my manager is training some possible employees.

Manager: [My name] what are you doing?

Me: Getting some gloves. That guest doesn’t want me contaminating his money so I offered to put on gloves.

Manager:….and this is how you treat guests guys. Follow [My Name’s] example!

I jokingly bow for the possible employees and go back to my cash. I end up using the gloves to give this guy his change and three weeks later I get called into the back by my manager.

Manager: [My name] remember that guy who insisted you use gloves to give him change?

Me: Actually it was my idea but ya, I do.

Manager: He was a secret shopper and he gave you a glowing review!

I later overheard that some guests had complained that some employees treated them badly because of their disability so the Theme Park set up some mystery shoppers to either act out disabilities or who do have disabilities to try and buy stuff at the park and see what happens. Obviously, I passed with flying colours.

Thanks to this guy, and a few other good Secret Shopper reviews, I was told to apply to became a Team Lead this year (2017)!

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