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I’m the customer in this story. I’m in a hurry one day, so I decide to go to this national fast food chain restaurant to try the new chicken sandwich that they’ve been advertising recently. This location has two drive thru ordering stations that feed into one line for the windows. When I arrive, both ordering stations are empty.

Cashier: Hello, welcome to [restaurant], may I take your order?
Me: Just a second. (I find the item on the menu). Okay, I’ll have the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes.
Cashier: Okay, that’ll be $4.97. Please drive up to the first window.

Just as I say “Thanks,” another customer drives around the line and pulls her car in between me and the only other vehicle in line ahead of me, completely bypassing the ordering stations.

When she gets to the window, she slowly places her order and hands the cashier her credit card. The cashier hands her the payment slip and a pen, she signs it and hands it back, then the cashier hands her the receipt and some cash. I finally get to the window.

Cashier: Okay, so you had the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes, right?
Me: Yes.
Cashier: (Looking at the POS and asking a coworker) “Where did you put that chicken sandwich?”
Me: I don’t know what happened, but that lady cut ahead of me in line and didn’t even stop to place her order.
Cashier: Oh, here’s your order. Yes, she said that she was in a hurry to get on the road. She paid for her order and yours, so we had to refund her.
Me: …
Cashier: That’ll be $4.97.
I hand over some cash.
Cashier: Here’s your change. Thank you and have a nice day.
Me: Thanks, you too.

Once she received her order, two cups of coffee, she pulled forward just enough so that I could reach the take-out window and proceeded to customize her coffees. The ironic part is that this all took way longer than if she had just done things the right way, and I was out of there and on my way while she still sat there!

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