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(I was coming into a small mom and pop shop that had all the quick convenience items you could need. I just buying a news paper when the customer in front of me was arguing with the owner over a price)

Customer: How the hell could you charge (this price) for cigarettes?!

Owner: Because this is how low the town (we’re in) can sell them for by law

Customer: but I was at this other store and they sold it to me for less than what you are asking for

Owner: Sorry sir I can’t sell them to you for that price or else we lose money then

Customer: *getting more angry and yelling now* I want these cigarettes at this price or else you are losing a customer!

Me: *looking awkwardly back and forth at the customer and owner’s conversation*

Owner: Please sir step aside you are holding up a line

Customer: *looks at me then turns back to face the owner* He can wait, I can’t

Me: *just standing there awkwardly wanting to buy the newspaper*

Owner’s wife: *gestures me over and takes the money for the paper*

Customer: Come on and just sell me that damn cigarettes!

(after I paid I left because it seemed like the customer was going to go crazy and the owner’s wife had the phone in her hand with 911 punched in and just waiting to push the button for the call to go threw)

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