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(I have just moved to the area and started a new job. However, the position is not really as advertised and I am under a ton of stress. Which is why I’m the stupid customer in this scenario. I’ve ordered my food and am at the drive-thru window on my lunch break.)
Attendant: Here’s your drink, hun!
Me: Thank you!
(I take the drink and drive off. I get a little ways down the road before I realize that all I have is a drink – I forgot to wait for the rest of my order. I turn around and go back through the drive thru, then come up to the order station)
Attendant: *through speaker* Welcome to [Fast Food Location], what can I get for you?
Me: Er… the order I left here about five minutes ago… I’m sorry, I drove off.
(I get up to the window and the attendant laughs when she recognizes me)
Attendant: I didn’t know where you went! Here’s your food!
(Not my finest moment, but at least the workers were all nice about it!)