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(This happens one day after a band concert. I was a senior in high school, and play a brass instrument, which has a mouthpiece which is always covered in my spit.)

(A large, sweaty woman bursts through the door to my practice room.)

Me: What are you doing here?! This is a restricted area for people who-

Woman: My friend told me someone would give me a guided tour. Where’s the guided tour?!

Me: This is a practice room. I’m not giving you a guided tour. How did you get in here?

Woman: No! Give me a guided tour! I’m gonna report you to your manager! Do you want to lose your job?

(She picks up my mouthpiece and starts inspecting it, sticking her finger in it.)

Me: You DO realize that’s covered in spit, right?

(The woman shrieks and throws it across the room, but thankfully doesn’t damage it. Suddenly, a security person that I know comes into the room)

Security: What’s going on here, [my name]?

Woman: This INCOMPETENT young woman is refusing service to me, and she THREW her dirty metal thingy at me! (points at the mouthpiece on the ground) I demand she be fired immediately!

Security: You realize this is a high school concert, right?

Woman: Yeah, sure, and it’s a high school that I need a GUIDED TOUR of, idiot!

Security: Sure, lady, I’ll give you a guided tour. Come here.

Woman: Finally! Someone who actually does their job!

(The man starts to lead her out of the exit door)

Woman: HA! Shows you, you little b****!

(I later went to thank the security officer, and we’re now good acquaintances. The woman was apparently taken in and banned from the school premises; she didn’t even have a child that went to the school!)

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