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Flagstaff, AZ, USA | Unfiltered | February 28, 2017

I don’t have a car (or license) and I live just far enough from work that no one feels comfortable about me walking home late at night when I close the shop or early mornings when I open.

So I take a cab because the buses don’t run for either of those times. The drivers all know me by my work, and have been super nice, but the one that just topped it all off was when I closed on New Year’s Eve and had scheduled to be picked up from work. One of the drivers had given me his card with his personal cell and it ended up being very useful that night.

I was off at 11pm, 11 rolls around. No cab, 11:20, no cab so I call- busy signal. I try for an hour of waiting and calling only to get a busy signal. So I decide to call the driver who gave me his card.

Me: “Uh- hi this is… (sudden realization they’ve never gotten my name) workplace-girl. I had a cab scheduled to pick me up at 11 and they never showed?”

Awesome cab driver: “I’m on the other side of town, but I’ll jump on the freeway and get you myself, okay?”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

It turned out that his boss had actually told them to forget about me and just pick up people willing to pay more to get to downtown for the bars. The fact that this guy decided to take the lower paying choice, picking up a tired girl from work and taking her home in the snow over drunk people willing to part with lots of money really made my week.

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  • Confused Brit

    Bad move from the boss. You were a regular customer. Crap like that loses customers and although it might just be a £3 Job, that’s £3 every night for 5 nights say. That adds up

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